Mariia Derevianko
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Mariia oversees the day-to-day administration responsibilities at the office include scheduling meetings, interviews and providing general administrative support to our employees.

‍Mariia is PSLs spirit guide. She was forged in the center of an ancient star 25 billion years ago and has been waiting for us to be ready for her since then. Prior to PSL she wandered the stars and then the earth wondering at the beauty of the universe. She adopted her first physical form 50,000 years ago and adopts a new one ever couple hundred years.

Fun Facts

The myths of dragons, mermaids, and several Greek and Roman gods are based on forms she took when she thought the world was too boring and needed to be shaken up a bit.

If you look at her for too long, you will turn to stone, ash, or wine (her choice).

She never sleeps. She dances instead.

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