Kevin Leneway
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Kevin Leneway is a Software Engineer at Pioneer Square Labs. 

Before PSL, Kevin was a co-founder and CTO of Haiku Deck, a computer platform for quickly creating flawless presentations on the web, iPad or iPhone. As CTO, he was responsible for overall technology vision, product strategy, engineering team management, and day-to-day development. Haiku Deck is one of the most popular iPad productivity apps of all time, has won numerous industry awards, and raised over $5M in venture funding. 

He also worked at Microsoft and Accenture and has an engineering degree from the University of Michigan. He has a wife and two boys, loves cooking bbq in his smoker and is a huge Michigan basketball and football fan.

Fun Facts

I played tuba in the University of Michigan Marching Band

My favorite movie of all time is Wayne's World

I learned to program as a kid by writing games for my Commodore 64 and Apple II

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