Let's start it together.
Partner with Us
We provide the idea, meaningful traction, funding from day one, and access to partnerships with many of the world's best venture firms and angel investors.
We test hundreds of ideas, killing 9 out of 10, looking for that fat pitch. Most ideas don't meet our bar for traction, market size, or timing. If you're like us, you want to take a swing. Because life's short.
If we team up, you'll be working on an idea in your domain, with real paying customers, and the best possible shot at creating something truly meaningful.
Our partners are 13 venture firms and over 50 angels from the Pacific Northwest, Silicon Valley, and around the country. They funded us so they can fund you.
Pioneer Square Labs, Defined
We are not a venture firm. If you are an entrepreneur with a great idea and a small team looking for funding, please seek out one of our partners. We are not an incubator or accelerator. If you are an existing company looking for amplification or mentorship, TechStars might be a great option.

We are a startup studio. We develop ideas internally and validate or kill them. We then take the next steps, turning the best ideas into products with actual customers.

That's where you come in. Building a great startup is hard. Really hard. It requires domain expertise, uncommon talent at all levels, great execution, perfect timing, and a little luck. If you are an experienced, execution-oriented business person or technologist, looking to run and build a startup that is ready to take off, come talk with us.

Our Team
We're developers, designers, operators, and investors. More importantly, we love to build companies. And we'd love to do it with you.
Greg Gottesman
Greg was an initial Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group where he now serves as a Venture Partner. He is the founder of Rover.com and co-founder of Spare5 and Madrona Venture Labs. He believes in the rejuvenating power of Coca-Cola Slurpees.
Geoff Entress
Geoff has been a venture capitalist and angel investor in Seattle for over 15 years, including at Voyager Capital where he is a Venture Partner. He has invested in over 150 startups and is an advisor to several entrepreneurship programs. Geoff is a former entrepreneur, lawyer and Wall Street analyst.
Mike Galgon
Mike co-founded Avenue A / aQuantive in 1997, serving as its Chief Strategy Officer until its sale to Microsoft in 2007. He was Microsoft's Chief Advertising Strategist until 2009, after which he's invested in startups and served on a variety of private and public boards.
Ben Gilbert
Ben was the co-founder of Madrona Venture Labs, and its first spin-out company, Spare5. He previously ran the Microsoft Garage, and worked on Office for iPad. He is an iOS and web developer and an Eagle Scout. The dude abides.
Ryan Kosai
Ryan is an engineer and former startup founder. He has previously led engineering teams at ExtraHop Networks and Marchex, and was the CTO at Athleon.com, a venture-backed startup.
Leah Severe
Leah was most recently a CX manager and mobile designer at OnMobileMedia, a Madrona portfolio company. Leah is obsessed with solving problems, beautiful designs, and wearing all black clothing.
David Zager
David is a full stack creative technologist. He founded a digital firm in 2008, crafting products for brands such as Activision, Coca-Cola, P&G, Toyota, and T-Mobile. Prior, he was SVP of Digital for a worldwide marketing firm. He also spent time as a major label recording artist and is a published songwriter.
Trip Edwards
Trip lived in Beijing for 5 years and founded 2 companies there. Before joining PSL, he was an associate at Dallas Venture Partners, serving as an investor, operator and friend to dozens of entrepreneurs. He is a Chinese-speaking, outdoor-loving Texan who geeks out on anything early stage. YeeHaw.
Adam Loving
Adam is a full-stack developer, growth hacker, and startup-founder. He's helped launch startups like Gist, Big Door, and Haiku Deck as well as his own Techstars funded company. He's led teams and architected solutions for tiny startups and large companies like Ciber, Nordstrom, and Microsoft.
Alex Spencer
Alex loves thinking up and building new ideas. He spent years in Mozambique using technology to improve quality of life. More recently, Alex worked on Echo & Alexa at Amazon.
Mariia Derevianko
Mariia (with two i's) keeps things moving at PSL. Previously, she oversaw operations for a boutique real estate development firm in Seattle, and was an accounting consultant for several local tech startups. She is a notable champion at Ukrainian ping-pong.
Our backers include 13 of the world's top venture firms and over 50 angels from the Pacific Northwest, Silicon Valley, and around the country.